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There are many horse therapy facilities that teach riders to communicate with the horses. People with disabilities, physical handicaps or emotional problems can be assisted to reconnect with their physical and emotional selves.



Cats are used in hospitals and retirement homes to provide companionship and comfort.


I stumbled back into copyediting almost accidentally but I find it to be lots of fun. I know it’s not most people’s cup of tea, but it really sucks me in.


Eat healthy, live healthy.

Having MS has made me more conscious of that I eat and drink. I’m not saying I’ve discovered all the answers or have the perfect diet. I cheat, but I’ve learned that usually the consequences are not worth the few minutes of joy while eating ┬áice cream.

I’ve been cleaning out closets and I came across a cookbook I had made in grade school to save all the recipes my mother liked me to cook. Since she didn’t like to cook and I did, I’d make the recipes she liked. Good thing I didn’t usually eat most of the foods I made because they were pretty awful. These ‘recipes’ used box cake mixes, jello, Bisquick, powdered whip cream mix, canned fruit…Image