Yerba mate rules!

I love Yerba mate. it gives you energy without the caffeine jitters. I love the ritual of preparing it and the history of sharing it. I generally drink it by myself but I like the thought of it being a shared drink. I drink mate when I know I’m not going to be near a restroom, therefore don’t want any caffeine.

Mate is a dred green leaf product similar to green tea. Traditionally it was made in a small gourd.

Fill a container 2/3 full of the mate. Slightly compact the leaves. You can leave slightly angled so that you have fresher leaves for additional pours. Wet it with some cold water. Let it absorb into the leaves, then add hot water. sip it through a bombilla (a straw with filter holes to keep the mate out) and keep refilling with hot water until it becomes weaker tasting. You can add some grated lemon if you prefer. Generally, the person making the mate drinks the contents of the first cup then refills with hot water and passes the gourd to someone else.

Yerba mate has been used in South America for hundreds of years. Commonly used in Argentina and Brazil, it is becoming popular throughout the world. It’s high antioxidant value makes it possibly a healthier choice than tea or coffee.

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