Writing – Getting started again

Over the past year, or more, I’ve been having spurts of writing attacks where I write something, mostly nonsense daily for a few months, waiting for that muse to guide be along.

It hasn’t happened. While I enjoy being caught up in writing, I can’t seem to let myself be free to translate it into ideas. I’ve started taking online classes in writing about life stories and writing with your muse, among the many classes. They all have great information and lessons, but nothing has helped.

Regardless, it’s all about the journey. Writing makes you solidify your thoughts on life. It forces you to organize random ideas into something that can move you forward. It can turn into a list of whining complaints, but even that can help. once things are written down you can let them go and forget about them. an infant release.

I have a block to sharing thoughts and ideas with anyone. I was always the last to read my essays out loud in school. I just felt it was no one else’s business what was going on with me. Authors often change my mood or thoughts about something, so I suppose it goes the other direction as well. My ideas could change someone else.

I’ve always wanted to write, though so I guess I have to get over that fear of sharing. I guess this is a start. even though I haven’t shared this site with anyone.

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  1. sherikuz Post author

    since the his post I’ve been writing more and I realize it’s just for me, a way to keep my mind busy and happy. I enjoy getting sucked into another world that I’ve created and that’s I can make anything I want happen.

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