Cheap ebooks

There are a lot of inexpensive ebooks out there. Some are classics, some are crap. Anybody can self publish a book with a little effort but should they?

There are websites that will guide you to these low priced books, Book Gorilla and Book Lending to name a few. There are some established authors on their lists that will sell older books at a reduced price, sometimes only for a day. You can find some bargains but it takes time and you’ll probably end up reading books that only mildly interest you. Most of these inexpensive books are by first time authors that couldn’t find a publisher and there’s a reason for that. The writing is amateur and the editing poor or nonexistent.

Classic works by well known authors like Jane Austen or Edgar Allan Poe are being marketed in multiple formats as ebooks. Do I really need to have all my favorite books on my reader just because that only cost $0.99? I’ve decided “No” for the most part. If I want to reread an old classic I’ll buy it then. The quality of the layout varies on these so if thee’s a sample, look at it. Of course, it’s good to have a few old favorites loaded on your reader for those airport layovers or doctors’ waiting rooms.

You may discover new favorite authors by buying these inexpensive books, but I admit that I’m a diehard review reader and if a respected source like the New York Times recommends it I’m more likely to read it than ┬átrusting a few Amazon reviews that were probably written by the author’s friends.

Happy reading!


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