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Who knew? I guess I’m a beach girl.

I’ve always been more attracted to mountains than beaches but over the past few years I’ve grown to become a beach girl. I’m never going to be that girl in the bikini hang in out in the sand. That’s not for me but having visited Greek, Bahamian, and Hawaiian beaches, I am now a water lover.

My first real impressions of the beach were in college, going to the Jersey shore. I suppose there were visits to Long Island as a kid, but those were brief and unmemorable. So, sorry, Jersey people, but those beaches did not make a favorable impression. I did want to learn how to surf back then, but it didn’t seem like people actually went in the water much. It was all about the tan. Not my thing.

So, having taken a few more pleasant beach vacations, my opinion had changed by the time we bought a condo on Lake Washington. I spent many hours with my headphones and Kindle, hanging out with the ducks and dogs at the beach. It amazed me that people went in the water since it’s cold. It was a special treat whenever the eagles or herons were around. And I had no idea salmon could jump so high.

The best time was winter and spring when it was windy enough for kite surfing. I’d get out on the pier and watch them every chance I got. I could see them from the condo window but it was much more fun to have the wind splashing over me on the pier as these wetsuit clad athletes sped toward the pier, only turning at the last minute.

Image 1


Juanita Beach

Now I’m living away from the water as I prepare to move to Oahu, Hawaii. I have to travel seven miles to get to a decent beach so it’s no longer a daily habit.


Mukilteo Lighthouse Park

So, now I’m ready to see what fun Hawaii has to offer.

horses on beach Oahu